Mission statement and guiding principles

The corporate mission statement is manifested in guiding principles and forms the basis of the dtz-bildungswerk’s entrepreneurial activities both internally and externally. Guidelines are lived by the employees and the management; they form goals, sub-goals, motivational basis, success and method of work. Mission statements and principles guide and direct the company; they form individual and common goals. They are also a necessary corrective and have a significant impact on the perception of dtz-bildungswerk among customers, offices, institutions, supporting and cooperating individuals and companies.

The mission statement and principles of the dtz-bildungswerk are particularly influenced by the intercultural and integrative background of the management and employees. The desired open dialogue and acceptance of different cultures are practiced within the company.

Germany is a country of immigration and is in the middle of the discussion about education, integration, social responsibility of the individual and the state. The dtz-bildungswerk sees itself as having a long tradition of representing the rights and interests of people with a migration background, for equal opportunities, against discrimination, for tolerance, equality, freedom, solidarity and justice. At the same time, the primary goal is to qualify our participants for the job market in order to enable full participation in life in Germany.

The mission statement of the dtz-bildungswerk berlin gmbh

  • The dtz-bildungswerk is based on the needs and requirements of the customers – these are primarily the participants in the vocational qualification measures and the payers.
  • The dtz-bildungswerk aims to place its participants in work.
  • The dtz-bildungswerk represents the principles of equality, tolerance, freedom, justice, solidarity and equal opportunities.
  • The dtz educational center works in a visionary, practical and network-oriented manner.
  • The dtz-bildungswerk ensures professionalism through high professional quality standards and commitment to values.
  • The dtz-bildungswerk strives to provide the latest information and knowledge.
  • The dtz-bildungswerk ensures transparency and control of the work.